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Take care of your body, It’s the only place you have to live in.

To live healthily, you need to eat healthily. Finding the right and healthy food every day is the struggle of many people in today’s world. When everyone is working it’s not easy to cook a hot meal every day in your kitchen

For the daily consumption, you can only trust your Home Cooked meal which is fresh, hygienic and nutritious. When you cook at home you know it very well that what you are putting in your food and ultimately in your body. You can control everything from ingredient to hygiene. But is this possible for everybody?

Those who love to cook can solve this problem for themselves but those who can’t stand the idea of cooking daily are having a hard time finding the Home Cooked Meal.

Why Choose Home Cooked Over Outside?

Quality- You can control the quality of every ingredient you are using while cooking at Home. when the same dish is prepared from a restaurant the quality of ingredient is something you can’t measure.

Fewer Calories: The researchers found that those who eat home-cooked meals everyday consume fewer calories when they eat out. Fast food, frozen foods and processed food have high fat, sodium and sugar content.

Risk of MSG and other taste enhancers in your food: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer that is added to food to bring out the savory taste. It is a food additive used commonly in many foods and has been always associated with some of the other controversies. These taste enhancers are slow poison to your body that’s why eating outside daily is not recommended for good health.

Nutritional Value- Food is directly related to nutrition required for your body. When the same food is cooked in a restaurant the nutritional value is compromised to increase the taste. They might use more oil and fat to make it quick and tasty. While at home you can control these factors. Commercially prepared food is fat, salt, and sugar which is good for occasional indulgence but not for a long time consumption. Apart from restaurants may use the same vegetable oils repeatedly for many days which may lead to blood clots leading to heart attacks.

Food for 4 is not the same as food for 100: When the food is cooked in lesser quantity it is more personalized and nutritional value is also maintained as the heat required is also low.

Every day when you hear news like that and that too from the famous food chains. You think twice before making them your source of daily food. Across India, so many people are leaving their small town and villages in search of employment and better life that Urban population is increasing day by day. These people tend to have a healthier lifestyle than city dwellers. But it didn't last long and due to lack of time and resources, people adopt a very unhealthy eating habit which includes fast food, sugar, fatty food etc. Home cooked food is the missing factor in their life. People become prone to worse health condition like obesity, diabetes, heart risks. All this can be controlled to a major extent if people just start eating right.

RecipesAdda is trying to minimize this health risk by making Home cooked food available for everyone.

    Why RecipesAdda?

  • RecipesAdda is helping people get a healthy home-cooked meal at an affordable cost for everyone.
  • Food is prepared at home kitchen
  • Food is prepared on order so its always fresh
  • Quality and hygiene are maintained.
  • The quantity of food is also not at a commercial level which helps maintain Nutrition.
  • You can send custom instruction like less oil or spices etc.
  • Food will be delivered from your neighborhood Home kitchen.
  • Affordable prices.

A paper published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, states that people who live alone are more likely to be in the habit of eating unhealthy. Reason may be a lack of cooking skills, no motivation to cook for self, no one to go shopping with, not interested in buying groceries every week . If you are one of those people you can relate to this.

RecipesAdda is a lifesaver for those people. You can get home cooked meal without worrying about cooking.

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