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Better to be the one who tried than the one always wonder...

Freelancing, work from home, online income, passive income, Internet based jobs are few words which make a person dream about having a source of income without leaving the house. But how many people actually get their dream come true? Or how much these platforms are sustainable for the long term?

Mamta, A resident of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad actually working at home and getting a decent income out of an App that offers Home Cooked Food. She used to cook for her family every day, Now she is cooking that same food in more quantity and selling it to the people who want to eat home-cooked hygienic food.

Priya, a stay home mom who quit her career to raise her child is now looking to be financially independent but don’t want to leave her kids in a daycare. She found that an App is serving the purpose very well. Now she can earn money as well as spend time with her child.

Now lots of women like these are dreaming to work from Home. Some of them are living in a big city with their husband and couldn't find a Job there, or they are taking care of old people in the house and can’t manage between work and Home.

There could be many reasons for someone to stay at Home but there is no reason for someone to not able to be Independent.

RecipesAdda is one of such platform which making it possible for everyone who can cook, to make a living. At RecipesAdda all you need to do is Cooking. RecipesAdda is a platform where you can meet buyers from the neighborhood who are interested in your Home Food. RecipesAdda guy will pick up the food from your kitchen and deliver it to the buyer.

Daily cooking in households is a very underappreciated skill but has a lot of potentials to grow. Getting the right opportunity is all you need.


RecipesAdda is providing that opportunity where you can not only showcase your talent but also make it a living and get recognition. This is the real business opportunity with proven need and demand for anyone who can cook.

Though it sounds simple to start a business at RecipesAdda, You need to remember that this a huge responsibility too. The responsibility of making India Healthy. Your food should be healthy and hygienic that’s all RecipesAdda want from the seller.

Sellers will be get rated for their quality and taste of the food that helps them to improve and grow their sales. There is also a reward system for the seller of the month, quarter and year which will keep things interesting and sellers motivated.

As our community develops in the future we’ll organize sellers meet to help grow our kitchen rockstars.

The founder of RecipesAdda says,

A lot of single working professional and students crave for home cooked food. But they end up paying a lot of money to restaurants for their daily lunch and dinners. On the other hand, in the neighborhood of these professionals, a lot of mothers and housewives aspire to make money but prioritize their family needs over their career. These mothers make lunch and dinners for their loved ones regularly.

We at RecipesAddab believe by connecting Young professionals and students with Stay at home moms and housewives, we can solve a significant challenge. These ladies can make an extra meal or two and youngsters will get access to homemade food at a reasonable price.

RecipesAdda is an App for buying and selling Home Cooked Food. Apart from that at RecipesAdda, you can find lots of Indian Food recipes from every state of India. One can learn to cook or cook to earn here.

At RecipesAdda, we take care of everything from pick up and delivery to taking care of money. In other words. in this era of sharing economy, we are an Uber of Home Cooked Meals.