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According to the execution, the cookers can be made in the form of a separate unit or built-in. Built-in plates usually have a separate cooking surface and an oven.

About us (Revolution in Food Industry)

Ghar ka Khana, Ghar se Ghar tak

RecipesAdda, as it’s name indicates a platform having lot of food recipes that’s it. No that’s not true there is a huge abstraction behind this name because apart from food recipes It’s really an awesome platform where anybody can order fresh Home Cooked Food and interestingly anybody can sell Home Cooked Food in nearby areas.

Our highly talented and dedicated team are really passionate about providing high quality services to our customer (buyer/seller) on this platform. Also we are continuously improving and enhancing our services to make it easy to use with great user experience.

We are here for taking care of your health and save you from lot of diseases by solving your daily food problem. We will serve you healthy and hygienic Home Cooked Food for your Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at your doorstep.

RecipesAdda, it’s a product of Creative Bucket Software Private Limited which is basically a software development and service firm. The founder of this company faced lot of challenges for healthy and home cooked food availability while living away from his home. So he decided to come up with solution and to make it happen our team worked day and night to achieve our goal. And we can proudly say, we did it.

Just install “RecipesAdda” App from Google Playstore and enjoy this app. You can also write us at support@recipesadda.in

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